about us


Joshua Carney has been recognized as an industry young gun at 2015 NWTF Convention and later honored as one of the most inspirational, talented and driven outdoorsman in the industry at NWTF Nationals calling contest by Michael Waddell.

Joshua is not what you may see or hear as your regular outdoorsman in the industry. He rolls around with his head high, warm welcoming smile and humble spirit which makes others around him feel at ease. Most know him as the "Son of the South" or as that guy who makes incredible animal sounds using his natural voice.

Each year Joshua is highly involved with helping out with organized events presented by groups such as NWTF Jakes where he mentors the young hunters and teaches them safety in the outdoors, Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventure where he gives motivational messages about overcoming a disability to so many hungers, Hunting with the Cure where he guides and film hunts for kids with cancer capturing what may be the final hunt for some. Giving back to those who give so much hope without even knowing it. 


Our Mission

Each and every day Joshua tries to reach out to as many lives as possible hoping to make a difference.

"The youth is our future so I strive to be a leader and instill great value in them throughout my journey."

When it comes to putting in the time and effort into something Joshua doesn't stop until the job is done but not only done, done to perfection. Last year he worked 300+ active days on the road, 27 states, 75 speaking events and appearances. 

"If you can't make the best out of your situation then the situation will get the best of you"

"Disability is only of the mind and not of the body, you can't stop a man with the willpower to succeed."